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Celebrate the wild 


Duluth, MN Cidery and Taproom

You're in!

Naturally good cider

Crafted without concentrates

Our ciders are made from a custom blend of 100% fresh pressed apples

No added sugar or 
artificial sweeteners

Apples have enough natural sugar to give our ciders just a touch of sweetness. 

Sorbate free

You won't find potassium sorbate  here. We use fine filtration and pasteurization  to keep our ciders fresh. 

No compromises

We believe cider should be natural and free of refined sweeteners or chemicals. 

Adventure on tap

Visit our taproom in Duluth's Lincoln Park West neighborhood. Our family friendly space has everything you need to have a good time with your friends and little adventurers. Bring your appetite and try our soft pretzels and snacks and soft serve ice cream

Made by friends

After meeting at a summer camp as counselors in 2008, Adam and Andrew hit it off with their shared passions for wild places and adventures. 10 years later they’re on to their next adventure and making cider in Duluth. Wild State Cider’s mission is to celebrate and protect what’s wild. From the orchard to the glass and beyond, we’re enthusiastic about keeping cider wild.

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