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Naturally good cider

Crafted without
No added sugar or 
artificial sweeteners
Sorbate Free
No compromises

Our ciders are made from a custom blend fresh pressed apples and fruits.

Apples have enough natural sugar to give our ciders just a touch of sweetness. 

We use fine filtration and pasteurization - not chemicals - to keep our ciders fresh. 

We believe cider should be natural and free of refined sweeteners or chemicals. 

Flagship ciders

Wild State Pear Cider

170 calories

6g sugar

14g carbs

Available all year in all markets in 4 packs

Wild State Raspberry Hibiscus Cider
Wild State Semi Dry Cider

165 calories

3g sugar

10g carbs

170 calories

2g sugar

10g carbs

Wild State Classic Dry Cider

170 calories

0g sugar

2g carbs

Limited Release Ciders

Untitled design-2.png

Session Ciders

Wild State Pineapple Cider
Wild State Cider Sangria

Reserve Ciders


Seasonal Ciders

Wild State Cider Cherry Bourbon Barrel A
Wild State Cider Macintosh
Wild State Light Lime Cider

What's On Tap

Classic Dry

Perfectly dry, champagne-like, dry

6.9% ABV


Tart, semi dry

6.2% ABV


Semi Dry

Crisp, floral, semi dry (obvi)

6.3% ABV


Juicy WA pears, refreshing, sweet

5.6% ABV

Cherry Pomegranate

Crisp, fruity, dry

4.7% ABV


Made with Duluth backyard apples, 100% donated to YMCA summer camp scholarship programs for kids, semi dry

5.4% ABV



Grapefruit Simcoe

Bright grapefruit, tropical, piney, dry

6.6% ABV

Raspberry Hibiscus

Fresh berry, hibiscus tea, semi dry

6.1% ABV

Juniper Spruce Tip

Piney, citrusy, dry

6.9% ABV

Lime light

Fresh lime, 99 calories, refreshing, dry

4.7% ABV

Rosemary plum

Piney, rich plum, semi sweet

6.0% ABV


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