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Duluth, cider capitol of Minnesota?

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

View of aerial lift bridge in Duluth MN

Duluth, Minnesota is quickly becoming a hard cider hot spot with the openings of Wild State Cider and Duluth Cider. Known for it's craft beverage culture, Duluth has been home to several breweries and distilleries for many years. Now hard cider will be part of the mix in the up and coming Lincoln Park neighborhood.

Hard cider, simply known as Cider in the UK, is the product of pressing apples and fermenting the juice. While brewers 'brew' beer, there is no brewing in cider. It's made just like wine, so you 'make' wine and you 'make' cider. Cider is fermented, blended and aged, and often lightly carbonated.

While many cideries exist in Minnesota, most of them are based on orchards. Duluth will be unique in having two urban cideries. Stay tuned for more update on the opening of Wild State Cider.

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